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AMALAIN – line of products based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin for mesotherapy, biorevitalization, volume and contouring, produced by innovative technology, that includes all the advantages and views of modern ideal product. 

AMALAIN is designed to solve problems caused by age-related changes (changes in pigmentation, loss of elasticity, etc.), to prevent skin aging, perform a global rejuvenation by filling volumes and restore facial contours. 
For the best results, one should consider all the symptoms at the same time, to offer the patient a homogeneous and harmonious result.

AMALAIN is perfect for complex and easy rejuvenation. 
NMTC International ensures unique characteristics of AMALAIN products; safe, reliable and long-term results for patients.

The benefits of choosing AMALAIN
  • Full volume recovery due to the high density of the product;
  • The highest guarantee of quality, confirmed by the ISO 13485 certification;
  • Full range of versatile products designed to achieve the desired aesthetic result;
  • Safety, guaranteed high quality and biocompatibility of hyaluronic acid and auxiliary components;
  • Long aesthetic result;
  • Professional advice provided by our qualified specialists.

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