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Up to day, NMTC International is the only official distributor of Dermastir cosmetics in Russia.

All cosmetics DERMASTIR (Дермастир)is certified. 
Luxury cosmetics Dermastir face: the history of creation
Laboratory Alta CARE is an independent multinational company founded by pharmacists and doctors working in the European Union. With over 20 years of experience in the field of professional counseling, laboratory Alta Cahir personally controls the process at all stages relating to the production and the formation of the brand.

Laboratory Alta Cahir constantly expanding their knowledge in the field of derma cosmetology, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and biotechnology to produce an exclusive line of innovative products and expanding existing products on the market.

Laboratory Alta CARE has 16 brands and produces about 300 kinds of products, which are sold in pharmacies in more than 20 countries.

Hallmark Laboratory Alta CARE is an elite Face Dermastir. This make-up can only be found in pharmacies and health spas, and it rightly bears the status of luxury cosmetics.

Laboratory Alta Cahir fully involved in the daily administrative and productive process. Headquartered in Paris, on the Champs Elysees, while the Department of sales and marketing in Italy, in Rome. Beauty treatment, training and research centers were based in Paris and in Rome under the leadership of the Laboratory Alta Cahir.

Laboratory Alta CARE is directly related to the formation of a brand and expertly affect the Consumer’s tastes. It is a direct participant in important international congresses. Vacuum bottles for cosmetics protect the precious components of the sunlight penetration, temperature changes, the interaction with air and various types of contaminants. One of the innovations developed by Laboratory Alta CARE is the use of the hydrophilic whey during aesthetic treatments. Laboratory Alta CARE produces 14 kinds of cosmetic equipment, which is used together with the Dermastir products for best results.

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