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An innovative line of biphasic fillers and revitalizants based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin for biorevitalization and space-loop simulation.

Made by innovative technology, which includes all the advantages and views of modern ideal product.

Important aspects of Reneall:
•     Has no toxic and carcinogenic effects;
•     It is easy to administer, at the same time have a "rib" after administration;
•     Hypoallergenic, purified, non-pyrogenic;
•     Plastic, easy to go through the needle or cannula without loss of biodegradation period (in contrast to other "soft" fillers);
•     Create a favorable environment for the cells due to membrane stabilization and neutralization of free radicals;
•     Up to 4 ml of the product administration is acceptable for one procedure in case of strong facelift or fill volumes.

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