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Popularization of anti-aging injections in aesthetic medicine is increasing every year. The rapid growth caused by a variety of reasons, including the establishment of new rules attractiveness, high awareness of methods of wrinkles correction and skin imperfections, the availability of cosmetic care. 
Innovative technologies and solid experience in hyaluronic acid biochemistry let experts create a new, more perfective class of biorevitalisant products.

Long-term studies of European and Russian experts have led to the possibility of creating a range of products ideal for youthful skin, designed to expand the traditional approach to understanding the skin aging process. 

Company NMTC International is pleased to present you biorevitalisants based on hyaluronic acid, a new generation of long-acting family REVI.

  Rapid innovation has defined the leadership position REVI among other anti-aging products. Unique technology R.E.V.I. provides high efficacy of hyaluronic acid.


  • REVI - slows down the aging process (correction of facial wrinkles with hyaluronic acid);
  • REVI - reduces the clinical manifestations of acne;
  • REVI - pronounced lifting effect;
  • REVI - normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands;
  • REVI - reduces the severity of wrinkles (helps get rid of wrinkles on the face);
  • REVI - deep and professional results of removing facial wrinkles after 1 procedure.

All REVI cosmetics is certified. 

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