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N - NEW – within “TODAY IS TOMORROW” program aimed at creating a better future , both for our customers and for all stakeholders , NMTC International tries to improve the quality of life through the implementing our products in the areas of medicine, which needs are not sufficiently satisfied . We are committed to innovation in everything that allows to create new future for everyone.

M - MEDICAL – our work is focused on creation and promotion high-tech drugs, designed to meet the most demanding needs of our patients. We cooperate with Russian and foreign representatives of the pharmaceutical business, in order to find solutions to health problems, to contribute the development of medical and aesthetic care and thus help people live healthier lives.

T - TECHNOLOGY – we strive for excellence, work on business processes optimization. In today’s world of rapidly changing technologies it’s essential to keep up with the times. That is why NMTC International uses in scientific process the latest manufacturing developments in medical sphere, automate business processes, implements IT-technologies and thereby increases its competitiveness. Our efforts are aimed at continuous progress of scientific and applying researches of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.

С - CORPORATION – honesty and responsibility to our partners, clients and employees is one of the conceptual principals of our company. Our employees are treated with respect for their colleagues and partners. We believe that involvement and responsibility are both right and privilege of each employee; its lead to the high level of discipline, which is evident in everything we do. We express our disagreement openly and honestly and able to professionally solve disputes. Making the decision, we act together in harmony. We promise to meet all business obligations to partners, within ethical standards.

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