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NMTC International is a group of successful companies operating in the industry of medicine and cosmetology, aimed at improving people's lives through the realization of the most ambitious scientific ideas.

Our company is focused on production and sales of highly qualified production based on hyaluronic acid non-animal origin, corresponding to actual international standards of quality and reliability.

NMTC International collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders, including international cooperation, public health institutions and research laboratories. Company working with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as practitioners. We support a large amount of researches on the biochemistry of hyaluronic acid, which resulted in considerable accumulation of clinical experience, which enable to create drugs, helping to improve people's quality of life.

All products are designed to meet high safety standards and quality control. For the production are used raw materials and components of the highest quality from Europe and the United States. Production facilities are equipped with leading equipment, which allows you to create high-qualified, competitive and guaranteed safe products.

Since 2012 all drugs are manufactured in full compliance with ISO 13485 quality standards, a number of products have European CE certificate.


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NMTC International strives to improve the quality of life and meet the needs of its customers by providing them excellent products’ quality at the best price. Trying to improve productivity we use the latest technologies in manufacturing and developing new products, we conduct a fair and transparent policy towards employees, we create the potential for sustainable growth and the progressive realization of the strategic goals.

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